HARRISBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — A new Driver Improvement School (DIS) offered by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is helping give drivers who are facing a suspension a chance at redemption.

The program is aimed at helping those who have accumulated points on their driving records or who have a speeding conviction or other moving violations. The six-hour course focuses on safety and addresses poor driver behaviors through education.

“This new training program offers people whose driving privileges are in jeopardy a chance to avoid losing their license,” PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian said. “For many, losing the ability to legally operate a motor vehicle means not just a loss of mobility, but a loss of income and independence as well.”

Once a driver’s record has been dropped below six points and for the second time, shows as many as six points or has a conviction for excessive speeding, that driver is required to attend a departmental hearing. At the conclusion of the hearing, a determination will be made whether serving a 15-day suspension or attending PennDOT’s DIS would be most beneficial for the driver to assist in making better decisions while behind the wheel.

An individual who attends and successfully completes the course, will have two points removed from their record and avoid a 15-day suspension. Anyone who doesn’t complete the course or doesn’t attend will serve a 60-day driver’s-license suspension.

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More information on the Driver Improvement School can be found on PennDOT’s website.