HARRISBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — A bill that would require Pennsylvania’s public colleges and universities to offer continued in-state tuition rates to students in military families is headed to the Senate.

The bill is authored by State Representative Frank Burns and it received unanimous support from the House on Wednesday, May 24. It would require higher education to offer continued in-state tuition to children whose parents are deployed or reassigned out of state.

“Military families can’t control the dynamics of their lives when engaged in serving our nation,” Burns said. “Students shouldn’t be penalized for their families having to answer the call of duty. My bill would make sure they aren’t.”

As amended, the bill would guarantee in-state tuition rates to military families as soon as a student enrolls or registers at a Pennsylvania community college or submits an enrollment deposit to one of Pennsylvania’s four-year state-related, state-owned or private universities that receive a state appropriation, even if their military parent is later reassigned out of state.

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“Now that the House has unanimously agreed this bill is a good idea yet another time, I encourage the Senate to take action on this bill so it can become law and help students in military families,” Burns said. “This is a small tangible benefit we can provide to honor those who serve, and I encourage the Senate to consider that and finally act on this bill.”