HARRISBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Pennsylvania lawmakers are looking to change things up from the alternative fuel tax for electric vehicles (EV) and institute a fee due every year when you register your EV.

Legislation introduced by Senator Greg Rothman (R-Cumberland/Dauphin/Perry) — Senate Bill 656 — just passed in the Pennsylvania Senate Wednesday. It would do away with the alternative fuel tax for EVs and charge a flat $290 yearly fee for each residential electric/hybrid registered in Pennsylvania.

The Bill is meant to make simplify the process to make sure EV owners are paying towards Pennsyhlvania’s transportation infrastructure as those with gas-powered vehicles do with fuel taxes.

Currently, EV owners file monthly with the PA Department of Revenue and remit the alternative tax fuel based on how much electricity their vehicle uses. According to Rothman, most owners don’t do this or are inconsistent with doing so, saying the process is “cumbersome,” and many aren’t aware it’s required.

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The Bill reads that revenue from the annual fee will be deposited into the Motor License Fund for highway maintenance and construction.

SB 656 passed 13 to 1 on June 7.