WTAJ — Last year, Americans donated nearly $500 billion to charity and 4.1 billion hours of volunteer service and Pennsylvania had a large part in that, being named the 7th most charitable state in the country.

A new study from WalletHub shows that Pennsylvania is the 7th most charitable state in the country, giving up both their time and money to help others.

WalletHub determined the most charitable state by comparing them across 19 indicators of charitable behavior. Their data set ranges from volunteer rates to the share of income donated to sheltered homeless individuals. A total of 100 points were available.

WalletHub gave Pennsylvania a score of 62.46, with the state ranking 14th in volunteering & service and 8th in charitable giving.

Below is where PA ranked in the six cateorgizes that WalletHub graded them on.

  • 21st in charities per capita
  • 30th in percentage of donated income
  • 12th in percentage of population who donated time
  • 12th in percentage of population collecting/distributing food
  • 23rd in volunteer rate
  • 20th in volunteer hours per capita.

Utah was listed as the most charitable state with a score of 69.95. They boast a 40.7% volunteer rate and the most volunteer hours per capita at 39.42, according to WalletHub. On the flip side, Arizona was ranked the least charitable state with a score of 41.82.

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The United States as a whole ranked 19th worldwide, moving up three spots from 2021. Of the nearly $500 billion donated to charity in 2022, 64% of the funds came directly from individuals, according to the National Philanthropic Trust.

For the whole list of states and to use their charity calculator visit WalletHub’s website.