PENNSYLVANIA (WTAJ) – A Pennsylvania representative is pushing consumer protection legislation that would create junk fee transparency.

Representative Nick Pisciottano (D – Part of Allegheny County) released his push legislation that would allow consumers to pay the price they see.

“All too often when purchasing a concert ticket, booking airfare, or reserving hotel accommodations, consumers are surprised by the total cost of a good or service,” Pisciottano wrote. “In recent years, “junk fees”, or the unexpected, mandatory fees added onto the price of a good or service, have been increasingly used by businesses to take advantage of consumers.”

He added that these charges can quickly add up and that consumers may end up paying 30% more than the original price. The “Pay the Price You See” legislation would require the disclosure of all mandatory fees.

“Displaying a price without including all mandatory fees, would be considered an “unfair method of competition” under Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law.”

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You can read Pisciottano’s full memo here.