HARRISBURG, Pa (WTAJ) – Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) released their 2021 yearly drug seizure totals, seizing more than $72 million in illegal drugs.

PSP seized a total of $72,004,713 worth of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, and other drugs through 2021. In the fourth quarter of the year, PSP reports over $9 million worth of illegal drugs, which is down from $15 million from their 2020 report.

Below is a breakdown of what drugs were seized, the total of drugs seized, and the total value of the drugs seized.

DrugTotal SeizedTotal Value of Amount Seized
Cocaine986.24 lbs.$21,697,280
Crack Cocaine14.9 lbs.$238,400
Heroin55.96 lbs.$1,902,640
Fentanyl551.68 lbs.$8,826,880
LSD2,415 doses$48,300
Marijuana THC – Liquid1,160.79 pints$7,777,293
Marijuana THC – Solid508.19 lbs.$2,540,950
Marijuana Plants952 plants$157,080
Processed Marijuana4,968.65 lbs.$14,905,950
Methamphetamines733.65 lbs.$7,336,500
MDMA – Ecstasy5.67 lbs.$18,711
MDMA – Pills7,353 pills$110,295
Other Narcotics127.95 lbs.$255,909
Other Narcotics (Pills)247,541 pills$6,188,525
 Total Value$72,004,713

State Police have also collected 3,484 pounds of prescription medication with their drug take-back program. There are 65 drug take-back boxes at state police stations in Pennsylvania, which allows a safe way to dispose of unneeded or unused prescriptions. For more information, visit PSP website for drug-take-back locations.