HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — U.S. Senator Bob Casey was in the Midstate on Tuesday, where he highlighted a $5.5 million grant for security upgrades at Harrisburg International Airport.

The $5.5 million in grant money will go toward the airport’s baggage screening system, as well as upgrading the way it detects firearms and hazardous materials.

Casey toured the facility to get a closer look at where and how this money will help HIA. He said that the $5.5 million will go “pretty fast when you are implementing upgrades such as these,” and that it will bring the airport up to date with the most cutting-edge technology.

According to airport officials, the timeline for the project will take about a year and a half to implement.

Casey also brought up his colleague, Senator John Fetterman, who is being treated for depression following a stroke prior to winning a Senate seat.

Casey says Fetterman has “done plenty of work while getting the treatment he needs, but he showed a lot of courage in doing this. It’s very difficult to share something like that publicly and to say, I need help and I’m going to get it.”

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When asked what his opinion is on the taxpayers and critics who believe Fetterman should step down, Casey stated that he thinks this is coming from political hitmen.