Hundreds of youth soccer players spent their weekend at a clinic–but the focus wasn’t just on soccer. 

The 4th annual Mack Brady Soccer Clinic is the place for goalkeepers to hone their skills.

It’s also the position Mack Brady played for and saw himself playing professionally. That dream was cut short when he unexpectedly died December 31, 2012 from a blood condition. 

Since then, Penn State’s soccer community has held the clinic to keep the young player’s legacy alive. 

“Being able to play for somebody that’s passed on, you know, it’s really just a special feeling to know that I’m playing not only for me but for him,” Evan Finney, Penn State’s goal keeper said. 

Mack Brady’s father, Christian Brady, said the loss of a child is never something to get over, but he and his family are finding ways to carry Mack with them.

“We’re just so thankful for the Penn State soccer community for helping to keep Mack’s name alive and memory alive,” Brady said.

The clinic was held on what would have been Mack Brady’s 12th birthday.