CENTERTON, Ark. (KNWA) — A stalled go-kart came to life, crashed into an Arkansas home’s garage and dragged its driver before they regained control and drove away, and it was all caught on home security video.

Police are looking for the driver of the go-kart, which caused nearly $1,000 in damage to the garage.

On a snowy Jan. 15, just after noon, home security video captured a go-kart driving and stopping in the residential neighborhood in Centerton. The driver comes to a stop at an intersection.

In the video, it appears the go-kart stalls. The driver, wearing a brown jacket, sits and appears to puzzle over their options before getting out and attempting to restart their ride.

After the sixth tug on the pull-start, the driverless go-kart springs to life and takes off directly towards a home. Gaining speed, the go-kart ramps up the driveway and slams into a garage door.

The driver places their hands on their head seemingly in shock and runs after the go-kart.

Another home security camera captures the second the go-kart smashes into the garage door. You see the driver sprint up and pull the go-kart from the garage. Then, with the kart’s wheels still spinning, it takes off again, this time with the driver hanging on tight.

Security video shows the driver being dragged across the driveway into the yard behind the kart as the wheels don’t stop turning. After knocking out a yard light and taking a 90-degree turn, it finally comes to a stop.

The driver appears to assess what just happened and takes off back in the direction they came.

The Centerton police department posted on its Facebook page two videos and photos of the driver in hopes they can be identified.