The Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center is committed to providing quality career and technical education opportunities for students through integrated academic and technical experiences in order for students to gain and maintain employment, pursue post-secondary education, and develop an appreciation for lifelong learning in a globally competitive workplace. We are dedicated to serving the needs of residents of all ages in a friendly, safe, and clean environment. Whatever your education, self-improvement goals, or special interest needs are, we have a course or program that is just right for you.

Hands on Training: By its very nature, vocational training offers an abundance of hands-on instruction specific to the field to which you’re aspiring. And, with training for many of the fastest-growing careers available at vocational schools nationwide, it makes perfect career sense to get moving. Training and certification that is relevant to the vocation in which you hope to one day pursue a lucrative career is key.

Employers seek out those who have the knowledge, background, and experience from a school that presents customized courses, be it in auto mechanics, nursing, HVAC repair, electrician, the trades, and more. You may be the type who learns best when you’re exposed to training in a hands-on setting, one that takes place in a classroom where lessons mimic the real world of work. If so, the vocational training program at HCCTC presents a brighter alternative for you to fulfill your get-ahead goals.

Gone are courses that teach things you’ll very rarely use; in their places are classes that relay the on-the-job skills necessary to the trade field you’re pursuing. Why wait? Explore top vocational school programs and vocational courses now. Afterward, you’ll be this much closer to getting ahead!

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