The 2022 Super Puppy Bowl is underway with Rebecca Petner and Morgan Koziar on Studio 814. Tune in all week at 4 p.m. to see just some of the dogs and cats looking to be adopted from the Central Pa area.

Friday’s Roster
Abby’s Angels Animal Haven

Tika Abby’s Angels Animal Haven

Cuteness overload! Tika is the youngest pup in this year’s Super Puppy Bowl, and one of the cutest. Tika is only 14 weeks old and is a female bully mix. She was saved from a neglect situation in South Carolina and brought to Pennsylvania. Be ready for a little ball of energy though, she’s full of it, but she’s a good puppy. She’s crate trained and is doing well with in-house training. She LOVES playing fetch with balls. She does great with other dogs and children.

Thursday’s Roster
A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue

Josie A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue

Little Josie was found tied to a gas line in Lousiana. Now she’s looking for her forever home. She’s fairly timid at first, she army crawls towards new people with her tail tucked in fear, but once she warms up, get ready to be covered in kisses. She’s a small puppy, just 45 pounds and she seems to be potty and crate trained. She’s fine with other dogs, could live with children, and can be cat tested upon request.

Pilgrim A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue

If you are looking for a good boy, Pilgrim might be the dog for you. Estimated between one to two years old, a little timid at first, but warms up quick! Pilgrim is working on potty training and is doing very well. He’s okay with dogs but seems afraid of cats and he’d be great with children of any age.

Kool A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue

This boy knows his tricks. Kool is between two and three years old and is a pit bull mix. He’s an amazing dog and very obedient. He’s full of energy and loves being around people, but will need to be the only dog in the home. He’s a crate trained dog and walks perfectly on a leash. He likes to play ball but loves chasing flirt pole toys the most. He’s looking for a home that doesn’t have any tiny humans, as he doesn’t want to knock them over.

Wednesday’s Roster
Marigold Holistic Pet Care

Kya Marigold Holistic Pet Care & Canine Coaching

If you are looking for a reason to laugh and smile every day, Kya might be the dog for you. Her love language is definitely receiving and giving, affection. But her excitability isn’t for everyone. Her exuberance will start your day 100% on the right foot but only if you enjoy the commotion. She’s always up to go on an adventure or content to chill on the couch for a lazy Sunday. Kya is fantastic around other dogs big and small but again, some dogs may not enjoy her incredible zest for life so we want to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone. Kya would be awesome at a few dog sports like barn hunt or lure coursing if you want to try something fun with her. For that reason, she probably wouldn’t do well with small animals or cats in the home. Also, good luck calling her off a squirrel, the prey-driven terrier gene is strong with this gal. She has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification and enjoys time training and learning new tricks. She loves enrichment walks in the woods on a long line and car rides. Kya doesn’t need to be taught to be a different dog, a “calmer one”, she just needs to find a family that will love her help her be the best version of herself.

Tuesday’s Roster
Central PA Humane Society


Baylor: 7 1/2 years old – Boxer Mix (Brindle color)
Baylor needs to be the only pet in a home with kids over 12. He is very sweet and is on medicine for seizures

Nala: 3 years old – Central Asian Shepherd Mix
Nala is cuddly and energetic. She is dog selective and would do better in a home with no cats but could be tested.

Napoleon: Young dog
Napolean was dumped over the fence at the shelter. CPHS is still looking to locate the owner but if no one comes forward he will be available for adoption soon.

Owlivia: Six years old: Black/Brown, Tabby
Owlivia is a sweet girl but can be a little shy at first. She loves to be petted. and get attention

Hannah: Four years old – Gray/black Domestic short hair
Hannah can be a bit shy at first but will quickly warm up. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with other kitty friends. She loves the company and would do best in a home with other cats and older children. She has not been tested with dogs yet.

Monday’s Roster
Cambria County Humane Society | 814-535-6116.

Oreo: Three years old – Pit Bull / Lab Mixed Breed
Oreo is looking for an experienced dog owner. He loves his toys and loves to play. He is often seen carrying around one of his “stuffies” in his kennel or to the outside yards. He tends to bond with women more than men. Oreo would do best with older children and is dog selective.

India: One year old – Pit Bull Mixed Breed
India has been overlooked for months due to her “plain” appearance. She is one of the quietest dogs in our kennel, and she has the cutest strut on her walks. The staff can tell that the stress of the kennel is getting to her. India would do best with older children and as the only pet. 

Crackers: Five years old – Tabby Domestic Short Hair
Crackers is a special needs cat since being diagnosed as a diabetic in his previous home. He requires insulin injections twice a day and a special diet. He is a sweet affectionate boy and quite the purr machine. Crackers does well with other cats and has experience with children.

Panda: Four months old – White and black Domestic Short Hair
Panda was brought into the shelter as a very young kitten. She was in need of medical attention that has resulted in her becoming visually impaired. But, her special needs doesn’t keep her from being a kitten. She is very playful! Panda would do well in almost any home.

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