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Which garden tool organizer is best?

Whether you care for lush acres of fruits and vegetables or tend a small herb garden on a balcony, time in the garden is well spent. Because most people lead busy lives with other demands, the last thing you want to do is waste your precious time searching for the tools you need scattered across your garage or elsewhere. The best garden tool organizer keeps everything neat, tidy and close at hand. 

For a garden tool organizer that will last a lifetime, consider the StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack. Wall-mounted and made from stainless steel, it holds every type of garden tool you can throw at it.

What to know before you buy a garden tool organizer 

Portable vs. fixed tool organizer

A garden tool organizer can be either portable or fixed. Portable organizers that hold long-handled tools come with large wheels that are nimble on varied terrain. For hand tools, it’s easy to bring what you need to the garden in a canvas bag or tote with multiple pockets and lots of storage for seeds, vegetable labels and other gardening paraphernalia.

If you don’t need to transport tools to the garden itself, a fixed tool organizer might be the best choice. These sturdy racks stand on their own or attach securely to a wall. 

Type of tool

Another important consideration is the type of tool you need to organize. 

  • Short-handled tools: Balcony container gardens don’t generally require long-handled tools, so a small caddy or canvas tote might work best.
  • Long-handled-tools: Long-handled tools need a different type of organization to protect padded handles from damage. 
  • Hybrid: Some organizers also accommodate short-handled tools with small hooks or slots plus wells for larger tools.

Overall need

For gardeners with just one or two tools, it may not make sense to purchase a garden tool organizer. A few tools may be safely stowed in a closet or leaned against the interior wall of a garage. 

If your tools are piling up and wearing down from improper storage, a dedicated space can keep them in better shape. 

What to look for in a quality garden tool organizer


As your garden grows, your garden tool needs may change. Organizers with moveable clips or mounts or multiple pockets let your organizer grow with you.

Ease of assembly and use 

Totes and caddies are generally usable right out of the box, but other garden tool organizers require some assembly. They should not, however, require an advanced degree to put together. Look for detailed instructions and organizers that don’t require tools beyond a screwdriver or Allen wrench.


You’ll need something to stand up to the elements and vigorous use. Durable organizers can take a lot of use and abuse without cracking or breaking. 

How much you can expect to spend on a garden tool organizer

The price varies depending on the size, type and material of the organizer you select. Expect to spend $25-$100.

Garden tool organizer FAQ

How do garden tool organizers preserve the life of tools?

A. Purchasing a full set of gardening tools can be an expensive endeavor. The last thing you want is to watch them rust slowly into the dirt or receive splinters from their weather-worn, cracked handles. 

Garden tool organizers keep tools off the ground, away from not just the elements but also from pests that like to munch on padded handles. Properly storing your tools means they won’t bang against each other, too, which can cause nicks and cracks in blades and handles.

Finally, garden tool organizers keep tools clean.  This prevents any pests or diseases from spreading to other tools or a different area of your garden. 

Where do you hang a wall-mounted organizer?

A. A garden tool organizer should come with a specific set of instructions for that particular model. Generally, hanging wall-mounted organizers with enough space between the bottom of the tool on the ground so that if there is flooding in the storage area the tools will not be wet.

However, be certain that you don’t hang them so high that it’s difficult to access the tools or put them away. Have an assistant help you decide which height is best. 

What’s the best garden tool organizer to buy?

Top garden tool organizer

StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack

StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack

What you need to know: If you need a heavy-duty organizer for every garden tool — including power tools — this one’s for you.

What you’ll love: Its four large and two small attachments hold up to 300 pounds of garden and yard tools. It’s made of heavy-duty steel and mounts to the wall to free up storage space on the floor. 

What you should consider: It’s expensive and is heavy (over 10 pounds).

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top garden tool organizer for the money

Picnic at Ascot Garden Tote With Tools

Picnic at Ascot Garden Tote With Tools

What you need to know: This is the perfect solution for people who need both tools and organizer.

What you’ll love: The 600-denier canvas resists rips and tears. Plenty of pockets hold multiple tools. The base is sturdy and supports the sides when they are loaded up. This comes with three stainless steel hand tools. It also has a lifetime warranty.

What you should consider: There are no pockets on one side, and you’ll need to find another place to store long-handled tools.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Rubbermaid Garage Tool Tower Rack

Rubbermaid Garage Tool Tower Rack

What you need to know: This works best for avid gardeners who need storage space for up to 40 long-handled tools.

What you’ll love: It assembles easily without tools. Even though it’s not technically portable, casters make moving it around on a smooth surface easier. Tools nestle into a grid at the base of the organizer, and it can also hold short-handled tools. 

What you should consider: The long handles can still become tangled.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon  

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