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Which computer stand is best?

Since technology has become ubiquitous, bad posture has become the norm. Young people rely on personal devices for school, work and recreation, meaning they may suffer from neck and back issues early on in life. Luckily, the dangers of bad posture can be avoided by purchasing a computer stand, which raises a monitor upright, forcing the user to be conscientious of their stature. 

LORYERGO Monitor Stand Riser is a computer stand with a customizable height and extra storage space. This product keeps your head in an upright position and allows you to type with your torso upright and shoulders back, relieving the discomfort of all-day desk work. 

What to know before you buy a computer stand


Anyone who’s spent long hours studying or working at their computer knows how stiff your back can be from not sitting properly. A raised stand encourages good posture and keeps your monitor, or monitors, separate from the rest of your computer desk

Ergonomics in today’s world refer to the study of how people interact with computers. An ergonomic design may refer to an item made for alleviating issues commonly associated with computer use, such as neck and back problems, fatigue and eye strain. Using a computer stand, you can position your screen in the best spot for viewing. This can reduce eye strain, keep your back upright and keep physical stress off your body. 


A computer stand is not only beneficial to your own health but for your monitor as well. A stand elevates your screen from your desk, keeping it safe from spills as you eat and drink throughout your workday. More clumsy individuals will be thankful to have a barrier from the coffee splash zone.


Before committing to a purchase, be aware of the dimensions of your monitor. Most computer stands are built for standard-size monitors, but you may need to purchase a larger size if you have a wide display. Many programmers, artists and gamers have multiple monitors, and you may need to invest in dual computer stands. 

What to look for in a quality computer stand


Most computer stands are adjustable to some degree. They either have leveled drill holes, adjuster pins or multi-piece legs that can raise and lower your monitor to the most comfortable position. A computer stand without adjustable parts can’t be customized to your chair and desk height, inhibiting it from working correctly. 


Your computer stand must be sturdy enough to balance and hold the weight of your monitor. Modern monitors are relatively lightweight and thin, making it easy for computer stands to accommodate them. However, you should examine the design of the computer stand to be sure it’s practical. If it balances on thin legs or seems to be made of very flimsy material, it may not be safe for your monitor or any additional decorative objects.


A stand can contribute to the aesthetics of your office by providing a level of organization to your desktop. Many computer stands have empty space, a drawer or an extra shelf for tucking away desk accessories.

Desk protection

Not all computer stands are considerate of the desk they are standing on and wooden desks are vulnerable to dents and scratches. If your heavy-weight computer stand doesn’t have padding on its feet, you should invest in a desk protection mat. Desk mats are also useful for insulating heat and preventing your workspace tools from sliding around.

How much you can expect to spend on a computer stand

A single-monitor computer stand with no additional features can cost $10. Larger setups cost $20-$30.

Computer stand FAQ

Can I use a computer stand for my laptop?

A. Yes, but it will be uncomfortable without a separate keyboard. A better option would be to invest in a laptop stand that’s more versatile and built for that purpose.

How do I choose a computer stand?

A. You need to first research the dimensions and weight of your monitor. A computer stand should have a size and weight limit listed, and you need to check that your monitor fits within its limits.

What’s the correct posture for using a computer?

A. Your eyes should be level with the top of the screen and you should be facing your computer head-on. Your shoulders and arms should be relaxed but not hunching forward. If your back is up against the chair and your feet are flat on the ground, you should be good to go.

What’s the best computer stand to buy?

Top computer stand

LORYERGO Monitor Stand Riser

LORYERGO Monitor Stand Riser

What you need to know: This is a black computer stand for your home and office.

What you’ll love: It has three adjustable heights and stands on non-slip padded legs. There’s a slot in the front for holding your cell phone and a drawer for more storage space. It requires no tools to assemble.

What you should consider: The drawer doesn’t have much storage space. You may want to purchase additional padding to protect your desk.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top computer stand for the money

WALI Monitor Stand Riser

WALI Monitor Stand Riser

What you need to know: This stand comes in black, gray or white and can support computers, laptops and printers.

What you’ll love: This desk riser is ventilated to prevent devices from overheating and can be adjusted to three different levels. The manufacturer offers customer support every day of the week. 

What you should consider: You should purchase additional padding to protect your desk from the stand. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BAMEOS Dual Monitor Stand Riser

BAMEOS Dual Monitor Stand Riser

What you need to know: This computer stand has three separate shelves for holding multiple monitors. 

What you’ll love: This set of risers is 4.5 inches tall with adjustable angles and lengths. The elevated computer stand can hold up to 22 pounds. 

What you should consider: It requires assembly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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