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Which cute Christmas card is best?

Christmas is a time for family and giving — and giving your loved ones a cute Christmas card expressing thoughts of love and gratitude is a no-brainer. From individual cards to cute Christmas-card packs, there are adorable, jolly, holiday-inspired cards on the market. Our top pick is the Woodland Animals Holiday Card Pack

What to know before you buy a cute Christmas card

There are a few things you should consider before looking for cute Christmas card ideas. Determining your wants is the first stop on the journey to finding the cutest holiday cards for your family and friends. 

Do you need a single card or a pack? 

When hunting for cute Christmas cards, it’s important to keep in mind what your to-give list looks like. Are you planning on sending out many cards? Then you may want to buy a pack. Are you only sending cards to your closest friends and family? Then you may consider buying individual cards that correlate with your loved ones’ tastes. 

Consider the environmental impact

While Christmas cards can be a joy to give and receive, remember that cards are mainly made from paper, which comes from trees. Some card makers take special care in making their products with recycled materials so as not to contribute to waste.


Does the card include a pre-printed message or is it blank? Look at the product details to ensure you are purchasing the cards you want.

What to look for in a quality cute Christmas card

Special features 

Some Christmas cards include additional fun components that add flair, such as a 3-D pop-up card or a singing card. Some Christmas cards also include glitter and jewels to add a bit more festivity and detail.  


The overwhelming majority of Christmas cards come with envelopes. However, it doesn’t hurt to double-check that the envelopes are included. Some of the envelopes may even come in festive colors like red or green or have holiday designs. 

Card thickness 

Cute Christmas cards come in a variety of kinds of paper and thicknesses. Card stock is standard; it feels thicker and holds up better over time than printer paper. 

How much you can expect to spend on a cute Christmas card

The average price of a pack of Christmas cards is $12-$18. Individual Christmas cards are usually more expensive per card because the card most likely will include special art or features.

Cute Christmas card FAQ 

How many cards are in a pack? 

A. Some cards come in packs of 16 while others include up to 40. The price of the pack depends on how many cards are being sold and their features.

Does the card require additional postage? 

A. If a card includes glitter, jewels or other extra decoration, additional postage may be needed. One stamp covers 1 ounce. The weights of some cards are printed on its packaging. 

Does the card come with an inside message? 

A. Each card is designed differently. Some cards come with pre-printed messages while others are left blank for you to fill in your own message. Check the product’s details to make sure you get the card you want. 

What kind of paper are cute Christmas cards made out of? 

A. Most good-quality cute Christmas cards are made from card stock, a heavier paper than you’d find in a printer or spiral notebook.  

When should you mail a Christmas card? 

A. Mail times vary depending on where you live and how far you need to mail your card. If you are shipping cross-country and not locally, the U.S. Postal Service says it will take five days to arrive at its designated location, but you should factor in the high volume of the Christmas season.

Tips for purchasing a cute Christmas card

  • Envelopes: Ensure you have them for your Christmas cards or that the cards you are purchasing come with them. 
  • Size: Check the size of the card on the product’s description to make sure your card fits its envelope. 
  • Neatness: If a card has glitter, know that some of the glitters may fall off and become messy. 
  • Number: Check to see how many cards are in a pack. 
  • Variety: Verify if a pack of cute Christmas cards comes in one design or if it’s a box of assorted cards.

What’s the best cute Christmas card to buy? 

Top cute Christmas card

Woodland Animals Holiday Card Pack

Woodland Animals Holiday Card Pack 

What you need to know: This adorable pack of cute Christmas cards featuring six designs of woodland animals comes with 36 cards and envelopes.  

What you’ll love: There are six cards for each design. The cards are matte and made from cover stock. They mail with standard postage. 

What you should consider: The envelopes are plain white and not personalized. 

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top cute Christmas card for money

Image Arts Boxed Christmas Cars Assortment, Classic Grinch

Image Arts Boxed Christmas Cars Assortment, Classic Grinch 

What you need to know: If you’re a fan of the Grinch, these are the cards for you. This pack from Hallmark comes with four designs and 24 Christmas cards and envelopes. 

What you’ll love: Each card comes with its own message. The cards are made of paper that comes from well-managed forests. 

What you should consider: Some reviews suggested the cards are a little flimsy. 

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

Hallmark UNICEF Boxed Christmas Cards

Hallmark UNICEF Boxed Christmas Cards 

What you need to know: These eco-friendly Christmas cards come in a pack of 12 and feature gold foil lettering that reads “Wonder, Cheer, Joy, Peace …. All for you” 

What you’ll love: When you purchase this set of cards made from high-quality paper stock, a portion of the sale will be donated to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). The set comes with an extra envelope.   

What you should consider: This pack of cards only comes with one design.  

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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