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Which Halloween game is best?

As Halloween approaches, you may be looking for a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Luckily, there are numerous Halloween-themed games that are great for parties, families or even just hanging out by yourself. For example, the Ravensburger Horrified: Universal Monsters Strategy Board Game is fun for children 10 and up and supports up to five players at a time.

What to consider before you buy a Halloween game

Types of Halloween games

Halloween is a holiday many people look forward to all year. Due to its popularity, there are Halloween-themed games in nearly every format you could think of. Some of the most popular Halloween games come in the form of Halloween board games that allow you to strategize and play with multiple players using spooky pieces and themes. Halloween trivia games are another favorite for those who love to learn about all things Halloween, and console and PC gamers alike will be excited to learn there is no shortage of Halloween video games available as well.

Age range

Halloween is a great time for getting scared, but many kids may not want to be scared in the same way as adults. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look at a game’s recommended age range before purchasing so you don’t accidentally buy something too scary for younger audiences.

Halloween games for teens

Scavenger hunts, mystery boxes and bobbing for apples can all be tons of fun, but many teens may feel like they’re too old for these types of games. Many teenagers prefer playing video games and role-playing games that they can play with their friends. Luckily, spooky games like “Luigi’s Mansion 3” feature fun, two-player co-op modes that teens are sure to enjoy.

What to look for in a quality Halloween game

Replay value

When buying any game, one of the first things you should consider is whether or not it will be a fun, replayable game. Some Halloween-themed games, such as pin the tail on the donkey style games, will likely lose their appeal after only one or two play sessions. On the other hand, fun Halloween video games, board games and trivia games are likely to be enjoyable for quite some time after Halloween is over.

Spooky thematic elements

Thematic elements are essential when it comes to Halloween games. You’ll often get the most bang for your buck if you buy a game that is undoubtedly Halloween-themed without being so on the nose that it isn’t fun outside of Halloween. Some good examples of spooky thematic elements include ghosts, monsters, murder mysteries, fear of the dark and witchcraft.

Interesting design

Because Halloween is a holiday aimed at all ages, there are numerous design styles to represent the various ghouls, ghosts and other creatures commonly associated with Halloween. If you’re buying a Halloween game for teens, they aren’t likely to be impressed by cartoonish takes on ghosts and monsters. On the other hand, some teens and even adults prefer games that don’t take themselves too seriously or try too hard to be scary. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Halloween game

Many Halloween board games will run you about $10-$25, whereas Halloween-themed video games tend to cost around $50-$60.

Halloween game FAQ

Are there any Halloween games I can make myself?

A. There are several fun Halloween games you can make yourself, such as bobbing for apples, haunted scavenger hunts and number guessing jars that use candy corn.

How can I incorporate Halloween games into my Halloween party?

A. One of the best ways to incorporate Halloween games into your party is by having a contest where the players with the highest scores receive fun, Halloween-themed prizes or candy for winning.

What’s the best Halloween game to buy?

Top Halloween board game

Ravensburger Horrified: Universal Monsters Strategy Board Game

Ravensburger Horrified: Universal Monsters Strategy Board Game

What you need to know: This Halloween board game has players work together to defend the town against monsters such as Dracula, a mummy and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

What you’ll love: This cooperative board game is a nice break from the usual competitive play that most games are built around. Fans of classic monster movies will get a kick out of the many references to vintage horror films.

What you should consider: Some of the pieces are flimsy and may bend after a few uses.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Halloween video game

Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3

What you need to know: This Nintendo Switch title puts players in control of a frightened Luigi as he solves puzzles and catches ghosts to save his friends.

What you’ll love: “Luigi’s Mansion 3” features top-notch graphics, and the puzzles and gameplay are fun for players of all ages. Once players beat the first set of missions, they unlock a Luigi-clone named Gooigi and a 2-player co-op mode that makes the game even more fun.

What you should consider: “Luigi’s Mansion 3” doesn’t feature Y-axis inversion, which is essential for many players.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Top Halloween trivia game

Horror Trivia Card Game

Horror Trivia Card Game

What you need to know: This in-depth horror trivia game features tons of questions from both mainstream and obscure horror films.

What you’ll love: This trivia game can be played either one-on-one or with teams. The Horror Trivia Card Game has 150 different cards with 300 trivia questions. A wide range of cards are featured and even include questions about lesser-known horror movies.

What you should consider: If you aren’t a horror movie buff, you may find this game to be too challenging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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