TIME: 7:00
PREGAME: 6:30, Black and Gold Today (WTAJ)

The Matchup:
The Seahawks and Steelers enter the new season on similar journeys, but taking different paths. Both teams lost generation quarterbacks in the offseason and while the Steelers signed veteran starter Mitch Trubisky and draft Kenny Pickett in the first round, Seattle go at it with journeymen quarterbacks Geno Smith and Drew Lock.

Key Injuries:
Najee Harris, Pat Freiermuth and Chase Claypool are among a number of significant players who may be held out Saturday, though Mike Tomlin was playing it close to the vest when he met the media last on Thursday say he hadn’t ruled anyone out.

What We’re Watching for:
Anderley Penwell – Kenny Pickett’s level of comfort will speak volumes to his rookie potential. Will Pickett deliver the ball on time? Will he be comfortable in the pocket? Will he check down? Those will be important factors to watch the team’s first round pick

Andrew Clay – Unimaginative and vanilla defense should take all the pressure of the Steelers offensive line. The Steelers shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the Seattle pass rush and should keep a fairly clean pocket. Failure to do so could be alarming, since offensive line play was one of the team’s biggest concerns.

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