UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ) — The voice of Beaver Stadium; Dean DeVore has been representing Penn State for more than 20 years, but it may not be the first place you heard his voice. For some, their first Dean DeVore memory may be a snowy school day forecast.

“When I’m doing the weather on the big radio stations, I’m actually doing play by play of storms coming in or how that effects things and it’s kind of like what I’m doing in the stadium,” DeVore said. “I’m announcing what’s happening and how that’s affecting things.”

When you hear Dean DeVore’s voice on the loudspeakers at Beaver Stadium on gameday, it’s only a small part of who he is.

“Weather is part of my DNA,” said DeVore.

Being Penn State Football’s PA announcer is a job only seven Saturday’s a year, however Monday through Friday, he’s a meteorologist with AccuWeather.

“I feel like I grew up with AccuWeather,” said DeVore. “I was listening to AccuWeather Meteorologists growing up in Lancaster and Philadelphia when I was growing up and it’s neat that it’s here in State College and it’s neat that I can be part of both iconic brands to me when I was a youngster. AccuWeather and Penn State.”

DeVore began public address announcing for Penn State more than 30 years ago. He joined AccuWeather in the late 90’s and his forecasts are heard all across the country.

“A morning for me at five after the hour I’m in Detroit, it’s eight after the hour I maybe in Boston, at 12 after the hour in New York and that just keeps going throughout the morning,” DeVore said. “I’m going from one live to the other, somethings it’s a challenge to make sure I remember where I am.”

As his time with AccuWeather progressed, his forecasts have become dubbed “The DeVorecast.”

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“The DeVorecast has a style. It’s a story telling style. I think the best people who communicate the weather, they know how to tell the story,” said DeVore. “They know how to kind of set people up for their expectations, create some ideas of how there might be a range of situations across a region or timing and those things and so it’s all about story telling. It’s all about trying to describe and I think that’s something that the DeVorecast does.”

DeVore has even added the “Dean’s List” to highlight days that have beautiful weather and hopefully it’s only “Dean’s List” days on gamedays.