UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ) — James Franklin said at the beginning of the spring season that the quarterback position was an open competition between Drew Allar and Beau Pribula. Through four weeks of spring practices, it’s still just as open. Franklin says he likes what he has seen from Allar and Pribula throughout the spring, especially while facing what he views as one of the top defenses in the country.

“Drew For some reason, Drew just always puts the ball out here, like on the side of a receiver. Like it’s hard for the DB to make a play on it,” said cornerback Kalen King. “So that’s one thing about Drew. He’s very accurate. He’s got a cannon for arm and him just I think he’ll be really good for us.

Allar, the big armed sophomore fits a typical pro-mold, while Pribula’s mobility will remind you more of a former Nittany Lion who wore number 9; Trace McSorley.

“Beau is different than Drew. He reminds me of a workhorse,” King said. “He’s always active. He’s a very hard worker, he can run the ball very well.”

Because of those different and unique skillsets Franklin said there will be packages in games that feature both quarterbacks. However, one area where Allar might have a leg up on Pribula is in game experience.

“I’m definitely a lot more comfortable. I think that just comes with nature of being in the offense for the second year in a row is definitely a lot more like familiar with everything, the checks that we want to get into, all that sort of stuff,” said Allar. “I’m more comfortable with the run game, pass game protections, all that. So, I think everything in general has slowed down for me.”

Franklin hasn’t tipped his hand if Allar or Pribula have pulled away in the competition, but the general expectation is that Allar will be under center this fall.