BROCKWAY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Over the past five years, Brockway has only had one winning season, back in 2018, when they went 10-3 and finished second in the conference.

Since then, the Rovers have only won nine combined games. But, this season, Brockway welcome back 12 starters, including second-year starting quarterback Brayden Fox.

The sophomore said the Rover’s spread offense has the potential to put up a lot of points, with scoring coming from a variety of positions. His confidence has also grown since his freshman year.

“I have a lot more belief in myself, more confidence going into this year,” said Fox. “[Last year,] I was a little nervous as my first varsity sport. And after that first game, I got a lot of weight off my shoulders. And going into this year, I feel a lot more better.”

“His expectations have changed,” said Jake Heigel, Brockway’s head football coach. “When you’re you’re freshman, you’re coming in, you want to play or you want to start. Now, he wants to win. I think you see that with a lot of our guys that are had just come out for their first year. What you’re seeing is a change in attitude from ‘I want to play’ to ‘I’m ready to win.'”

The Rovers open up the season at home against Kane.