HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Week 2 has brought us to Huntingdon County as the Juniata Valley Hornets host the North Star Cougars, the first matchup ever between these teams.

The Cougars and Hornets are both coming off 1-0 starts in week 1 and are looking to stay undefeated as the two meet in Inter-County Conference play.

If you missed our preview, take a look.

FINAL Juniata Valley defeats North Star 21 to 20

Early in the quarter, the Hornets would block a punt, setting themselves up 1st and goal from the 10. On third and goal, Rand fumbled it, giving the Cougars the ball on the 7.

Two plays later, the ball would fly over Connor Yoders head, he would recover it in the endzone and try to throw it away, but it was picked off by Lucas Dick and returned for a touchdown. This put the Hornets up 21-20.

On the ensuing drive, Clarke would hit the ball out of a receiver hands, forcing a fumble. Juniata Valley has the ball with under 8 minutes left in Cougar territory.

The Cougars would block a field goal, setting them up on their 17 with 4:44 left.

Just two plays later, the Hornet’s Connor Robinson would come down with a interception, under 4 minutes left in the game

THIRD QUARTER 20 North Star 14 Juniata Valley

Juniata Valley would start out the third quarter with the ball. However, just two plays in, Ethan Smith would intercept Rand and return it 50+ yards for a touchdown, tying the game at 14.

Following a pair of punts from each team, the Hornets were preparing to punt, but a fumble would cause them to get sack deep in their own territory.

A few plays later, North Star’s Connor Yoder would score from a few yards out, the extra point would not be good though, the Cougars now leading 20-14.

SECOND QUARTER 14 Juniata Valley – 7 North Star

North Star would start the drive in its own territory. Just two plays into the second, Connor Yoder would find Garrett Tunstall for a 70-yard touchdown, closing the gap to 14-7.

The next to drives would be back-to-back punts, one by Juniata Valley, followed by one from the Cougars. On the next possession from the Hornets, they’d fumble it, giving the ball back to North Star.

On 3rd and 13th, Connor Yoder would find Ethan Smith for a huge pickup down to the 13 of Juniata Valley. The drive would come to for the Cougars though as Connor Yoder would throw an intersection to Andrew Clarke, setting up the Hornets on their own 23 with 3:50 left in the first half.

FIRST QUARTER 14 Juniata Valley – 0 North Star

Following a turnover on downs by North Star, Juniata Valley’s Jett Rand finds Lucas Dick for a 25-yard touchdown. Hornets up 7-0.

North Star would be forced to punt on their next drive. The Hornets would be forced to do the same, however, North Star’s next drive would start from their own 1. The next play QB Connor Yoder would be picked off by Adrian Prough, who returned the interception for six, putting Juniata Valley up 14-0.