ALTOONA, Pa (WTAJ) — Sometimes meal prepping can be so exhausting. Plus you add in the fact that some food just isn’t that healthy for you or there are allergy concerns. Well say no more, ZeNom Bites and Primal Eats have got you covered.

Jennifer Hoyer started her meal-prepping business during the pandemic to help offer healthier food choices to the Altoona community.

“I wanted to have more healthier options because we don’t have many around here especially if you just want something on the go it’s easier to have it right at home,” Hoyer said.

Now Hoyer, along with baker Lauren Cobaugh, owner of Primal Eats, have partnered up to open a storefront in Altoona.

“We both want to provide healthy options to the area and there’s not a lot of places doing that,” Hoyer said.

Cobaugh, who also started Primal Eats during the pandemic, saw a need for more allergy-free food options in the community.

“This is a gluten and dairy-free business,” Cobaugh said. “A lot of people in the area cannot eat gluten, they have celiac disease or other things that happen and they just can’t eat gluten.”

Cobaugh makes sure to know exactly what is in her baked goods, naming all of the ingredients that she’s using to keep her food allergy free.

So, with the help of Hoyer’s nephews, the crew is able to prep healthy meals for the community.

“My nephews have been with me since the beginning so they’ve been a huge help,” Hoyer said. “Help me do all of the prep work, get everything ready to go, they’re here on the busiest days and we bust everything out to make sure everything is good to go.”

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Their storefront, which is located beside the Iron Pint Brewery, opens Saturday, July 16, at 2 p.m. There will be live music, food and drinks available plus prizes and more! For more information on ZeNom Bites and Primal Eats visit their Facebook Pages.