ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Rachel DiAndrea, the owner of Pet Art Studios in Altoona, Blair County has been helping people remember their pets for over forty years.

From pigs to chickens, and of course cats and dogs, Rachel creates portraits of the creatures that are so special to humans. “Pets are with us for a very short amount of time in relation to human life…and they’re not with us that long so that bond is really intense. I know I have my dogs. I have my horse. I love them dearly — they’re part of the family and they bring joy,” says DiAndrea.

So when a member of the Central Pennsylvania community, Janet DeGennaro, lost her home and her beloved dog, Ravy in a tragic house fire, DiAndrea wanted to use her gift of art to provide comfort during a time of despair.

“[Ravy] was like her child. So intrinsically and instinctually, I knew I could do something for her to bring her out of that tragic moment that will live with her for a while but at least something colorful of Ravy might bring her to a more positive side of the tragedy and help her move on and rebuild,” says DiAndrea.

DiAndrea of Pet Art Studios hopes that her artwork will aid in healing and allow pet owners to preserve the memory of their dear pets forever.