STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Two area authors have created a series of self-help books on ‘How to Transform Your Life.’ Henry and Elaine Brzycki have been working on this collaboration for over 40 years together. The two are both co-presidents of The Brzycki Group & The Center for the Self in Schools in State College.

“We have been drawn to working with schools because we know that just early on that children – their mental health and well being were just not going in the right direction,” says Author Dr. Henry Brzycki.

“You can actually teach skills when kids are still young especially starting at like 10 years old on up through high school and college where you’re teaching proactive and preventative skills that serve you for a lifetime,” says author, Elaine Brzycki.

“We’re both positive psychologists. Positive psychology is taking over schools, the psychological field…just uplifting so many people,” says Henry. “When you usually read a book it’s about a character in a story or a series of characters in our book, you are the character. As you read this book you start to realize why are you here? What has your past meant to you? How is it helping you or limiting you to propel toward yourself to your highest future. And what is your unique purpose that you were born with.”

Henry says the book serves as a toolkit with 15 mindfulness activities.

Many of the books that Henry and Elaine write are targeted for kids, counselors, or just anyone who is ready and willing to work on themselves.

“We don’t think schools are doing nearly enough based off of some of the psychological principals that are available. We have in our books three best practices that teachers can use in their classroom that help students take off. Helping get engaged with life, get passionate about life and figure out “what are my dreams?” says Henry.

It is Henry and Elaine’s hope that more schools will get on board with their books, and actually implement them into the students summer reading.

For details on how to grab a copy click here. You can also learn more about the The Brzycki Group & The Center for the Self in Schools by clicking here.