ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Do you have picky eaters at home? Does the thought of packing lunches for school stress you out? Holly Doan, a registered dietician and nutritionist for Martins/Giant grocery stores has some tips and tricks to help parents.

For this method of packing back to school lunches, Holly focused on Satter’s Division of Responsibility. The first rule of thumb is to know that parents choose when, where, and what their young child eats. Holly says you can never go wrong with keeping the focus on balance and variety by using the My Plate template. “Exposing new foods to your kids is important,” says Doan.

Another thing to think about is allowing your child to choose whether and how much they eat. “If you take the pressure off of them, they’ll be more inclined to try those new foods,” says Doan. The Satter’s Division of Responsibility is all about giving your children control and trusting that they’ll make the right decisions by listening to their bodies.

Martin’s and Giant grocery stores have a great variety of fresh produce, and even frozen fruits and veggies. “I love buying things like frozen mango for my girls’ lunch. It’s already cut, and by the time they go to eat it, it’s thawed,” says Doan.

There are several easy, grab and go products to make life easier for parents as well. “Martin’s carries some great products like Nature’s Promise Wowbutter Sandwiches and Made Good Granola Bars for easy snacks and sides to include in your kiddos lunches,” says Doan.