Sponsored by Bricktown Kickn’ Chicken

MOUNT UNION, Pa. (WTAJ) — Bricktown Kickn’ Chicken in Mount Union has quickly become a staple in the community for its delicious fried chicken, meaty jumbo wings, homemade sides, and more.

Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner chats with owner, Dwight Rittenhouse, about their two newest sandwiches “Little Piggie” and “Double Trouble.”

The “Little Piggie” is a pork chop sandwich. It’s served on a round roll, with a marinated, breaded pork chop, topped with barbecue sauce, and then covered with Bricktown Kickn’ Chicken’s own fresh cole slaw. 

Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner and Morgan Koziar are “Double Trouble” as they taste the new Bricktown Kickn’ Chicken sandwich with the same name!

The “Double Trouble” is a 9” roll, with special seasoning on the bun. There is a pork chop on one end and a chicken tender on the other end. It’s topped with barbecue sauce and Bricktown Kickn’ Chicken’s own fresh cole slaw. 

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