STROUDSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) Sponsored Content by Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau — Spring is in the air, and it’s a great time to be in the Pocono Mountains, Studio 814 Hosts, Morgan Koziar and Rebecca Petner took a trip to check out some of the great food that the Poconos has to offer. And we hope you came hungry, because these girls are going to take you on a culinary journey where you will experience a fusion of flavors that is definitely worth the trip.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you will certainly find variety when you visit the Poconos.

“Our food is Puerto Rican, it’s very authentic because our chef he was born and raised in Puerto Rico,” says Emilio’s Place co-owner, Maricela Quinteros.

Emilio’s Place is the place to come if you’re looking for food with some Latin flare. Their chef, Eddy has been cooking Puerto Rican food with his family for as long as he can remember. He teamed up with owners, Emilio and Maricela after catering food for their 25th wedding anniversary celebration.

“We enjoyed the food, he loved to work with us and then he said, Emilio if you ever open a restaurant just don’t forget about me, I’ll be there for you and it did happen,” says Quinteros.

And when we wrapped up in the kitchen, it was time to dig in.

The next stop combines a bit of dinner and a show. The girls stopped by Desaki for fresh sushi and flaming hibachi. Once chef Mickey arrived at the table, the girls knew they were in for some fun. Entertainment is one thing you’re sure to find at Desaki with no shortage of singing, jokes, and fun and games.

And from singing to science. Next they hit the kitchen at Momento to meet the man who breaks down the basics of using good ingredients to make great food.

Meet Chef Nicola! He’s a Michelin-Star Chef that is known for cooking “Italian procedure with French flare.” So you better believe he runs a tight ship.

“Don’t come moody in my kitchen you come moody? It’s not for me, come happy because that gonna be a vibe in my food,” says Nicola Mersini.

“The most important thing is, no matter what recipe I can do if you don’t have that smell that communication that understanding of the concept of food the recipe ain’t gonna be no good,” says Nicola Mersini.

Communicating with food – maybe you could call him a food whisperer…Either way seeing Chef Nicola hone his craft is incredible.

“Simplicity on food and being relaxed is the best thing I don’t try to impress nobody with the things that are not my identity I try to do what I do I don’t get out of my identity of cooking,” says Nicola Mersini.

“But I get out of the box so I can explore so I can hunt for the beautiful, good ingredient good products I can change and bring with the seasons what is available and what is locally the most important as I said what grows together goes together. If we are in this area and whatever grows in this area that’s what goes together,” says Nicola Mersini.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet – swing by Sonia’s Sweet Inspirations.

They specialize in wedding cakes, and a variety of authentic pastries, muffins and cupcakes. Over the years that they’ve been in business, they’ve created over 70 different flavors of cupcakes.

And to finish off the journey we stopped by Van Gilder’s Jubilee Restaurant, they’re known as the ‘Breakfast King of the Poconos.’ And you can grab breakfast until 3 p.m. You can also try some of their other dishes like French toast, shakshuka, super burger and the bourbon peach prime pork chop. And they have great outdoor seating so you can catch up with friends over a great meal and cocktail.

Speaking of cocktails, the girls indulged in what’s called a “Bloody Mary Man.” It’s a tall bloody Mary with all the fixings, a mini burger, crisp bacon and a pickle skewer.

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Whether you’re a foodie, or just love good eats, great atmosphere and even better company the Pocono Mountains has something delectable for every pallet Start planning your getaway now by clicking here and watch the Pocono television network anytime anywhere for insider tips on your next visit.