PORT MATILDA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Centre Wildlife Care is a non-profit organization, dedicated to caring for injured, orphaned, sick, and displaced wildlife for the purpose of releasing them back into the wild. CWC also provides education about wildlife to school classrooms, workshops, and beyond.

Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner chats with Robyn Graboski from the Centre Wildlife Care to meet Sonic, a hedgehog who was confiscated from a pet owner in Pennsylvania. Hedgehogs are illegal to own as pets in the Keystone State.

Did you know Groundhog Day is also National Hedgehog Day? Groundhogs aren’t the only prognosticators around here! Graboski says back in ancient Rome, people looked to the hedgehog to help predict an early spring.

According to Hedgehog Central, “Long before the advent of Groundhog Day on February 2nd, the Romans observed a similar event thousands of years ago on the exact same day. Rather than use the North American groundhog, the Romans used the hedgehog.”

Make Valentine’s Day extra special this year by feeding a mealworm named after your ex to Betsy the Big Brown Bat or Sonic the Hedgehog.

You can even name your “favorite person” after a cockroach that will then be fed to Petunia the Skunk. It’s just $25, and proceeds go to the Centre Wildlife Care.