STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Centre County mom created a book to honor her 11-year-old daughter as she matures into a young woman. Author, Brittney Wineland wanted to help her daughter navigate this time in her life as she begins to experience puberty and all of the things that come with transitioning from a girl into a woman, so she did it by writing a book called, “Blooming Me.”

“There were no resources out there that taught the topic that I wanted to teach her,” says Wineland. “No other book had the method or vibe that I was looking for to teach my daughter how to bloom into a young woman.”

The 25 page activity journal was created to guide young girls through some of the daily challenges as they ‘bloom’ into young women. Each page is filled with a different prompt, advice, or activity as a way for them to reflect on this time in their lives.

“It’s a really good book to read before bed, because it makes your mind really calm,” says Brittney’s daughter Davinity Brown.

Brittney created the book in 2020 and dedicated the book to her daughter, Davinity as an encouraging way for her to celebrate her body, mind, and spirit. Brittney says it’s her hope that this book will help young girls find confidence and some explanation to some of the changes they’re experiencing as they grow everyday.

“I need to show her what it means to be a confident, strong, brave woman,” says Wineland. “This book has passages to honor your cycle, what it’s like to get your first period. There’s places for them to journal different emotions and thoughts and also places for them to color too because at this delicate age, you know, 11, 12, they’re still maturing into a woman but they still have that innocent thought process.”

Brittney says the book really teeters on the line of still being a kid, and enjoying your childhood, but also to the tune of maturity and what to expect as your body goes through these changes.

Copies of “Blooming Me” can be found here. You can also follow Brittney and Davinity’s journey and content on their Instagram page here.