CENTRE, COUNTY (WTAJ) — Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner sits down with Ashley Lopes to talk about her Postpartum Supportive Services. Lopes is a wife, mom of three, Social Worker, Certified Postpartum Doula, and Breastfeeding Specialist.

For the past 15 years, she has been working with families in various family-based programs. Through her work and her own personal experiences, Lopes became very passionate about helping moms and their families during the postpartum time and early motherhood. Lopes’ services can help all moms, particularly new moms about 12 weeks after delivering their baby!

The “Mom Check Up” is the service you never knew needed! Lopes is “changing the postpartum experience for Central Pa families and beyond with ongoing postpartum care and support.” She says “moms deserve more!” This support makes the difference between surviving and thriving postpartum and early childhood.

“This care and support will help reduce the poor maternal outcomes we are seeing in our country and our local community,” says Lopes. Some of those poor outcomes are high postpartum depression rates, increasing rates of maternal death, and increased occurrences of child abuse and neglect.

The CDC recently published a study that showed 80% of poor maternal outcomes were preventable. These statistics are what led Lopes to create her Postpartum Supportive Services. She wants to be part of the solution and help support all moms in the 814 and beyond!

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Lopes says “we live in a time where support and care are lacking for a variety of reasons and this has led to postpartum and early motherhood being a time of worry, incredible stress, and overwhelm.” She wants to help new moms overcome obstacles and achieve success in their families. She also offers free resources too.