When you’re trying to quickly get dinner on the table, the last thing you want to see is a recipe with a long list of ingredients and directions. Instead, turn to Holly Doan and her team of dietitians at Martin’s who have fast meal solutions that are balanced, affordable, and can be made with five ingredients or less.

The first key to success is to meal plan! Meal planning will help you eat better and save both time and money. Doan says to start with a “skeleton meal” plan. For example, Mondays could be a take on pasta nights, Tuesdays could be something with tacos, and then Wednesdays can be crock pot meals. Having a structure like this can help you feed yourself and your family without all the stress!

Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner joins Register Dietician Holly Doan in the 814 Kitchen to whip up a yummy Butter Chicken Naan Pizza — with just five ingredients.  

You can also build meals using Martin’s weekly meal deals and offers. Family packs also give you more for a greater value. Chicken & Broccoli Fried Rice is another easy dinner idea.

Doan also explains how Martin’s shoppers can know if their food choices are the right choices. There are “Guiding Stars” that you can find on the food items at Martin’s.

Looking for something healthy and easy for Mexican Night? Try these Baked Chicken Taquitos.

Doan also shows off her homemade Salsa Turkey Meatloaf Muffins. Mix up meatloaf night with these Instagram-worthy muffins, topped with fresh, tangy salsa — perfect for those trying to avoid red meat and control their portions.

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