DUNCANSVILLE, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Juice Shack has one goal in mind, and that is to craft the perfect recipes “that will boost your wellness and elevate your nutrition in the best way possible.”

Shannon Clapper-Pugh, Co-Owner of The Juice Shack and Chris McCarthy stop by the 814 Kitchen to show off some of their delicious and nutritious creations. Pugh says she wanted to bring healthy foods to the 814 area.

With their fresh flavors and natural ingredients, all that’s left for you to do “is choose the daily blend that will turn your day around and get you the glow you deserve.”

Meet your daily ritual with The Juice Shack — stay fresh, stay hydrated.

The Juice Shack does all the work for you! All of their signature juices are cold pressed and made with natural and fresh ingredients that are locally sourced. The staff is also educated in knowing what juice can help with inflammation, gut health, and more.

McCarthy is the smoothie connoisseur. The Juice Shack says “we pride ourselves in crafting the perfect combinations to create our rich and satisfying smoothies.”

You can’t forget the bowls made with Dairy-free and Gluten Free Sorbets! You can enjoy an Acai bowl made with fresh fruit and granola. There are tons of healthy treats to choose from for yourself, your kiddos, or your family!

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