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Highmark Wholecare plans take into account things like access to nutritious food and affordable housing resources. Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner sits down with Ellen Duffield, President, and CEO of Highmark Wholecare about what sets Highmark Wholecare apart from other health insurance companies.

Almost all of us face barriers to good health. Some barriers may be as common or routine as finding time in a busy schedule to have an annual check-up or be active daily. Highmark Wholecare wants to help its members with these barriers. They are there to help the whole person, not just individual components of life.

They believe that “to truly care for a person’s health, there needs to be a different kind of healthcare.”

Sign up for your Medicaid coverage by August 16, 2022. From doctors and medications to housing assistance and healthy meals — Highmark Wholecare provides a Medicaid plan that cares about the whole you.

Highmark Wholecare covers Blair, Cambria, Bedford, Somerset, Huntingdon, Fulton, and Clearfield counties.