DUBOIS, Pa. (WTAJ) — The art of juggling requires a lot of focus, concentration, and hand eye coordination. Judah Catanzarito has known his way around a ball — from a young age.

“Judah’s been in love with balls ever since he was a baby. I remember getting him his first basketball hoop at probably 2 years old,” says Judah’s dad, Mike.

Whether it’s a basketball, baseball, a or tennis ball, his dad Mike has been working with him — from the start.

“My dad taught me by like starting off with two and then I did three,” says Judah.

And at nine year’s old, Judah has been inspired to teach other kids how to juggle.

“So I take a half a cup of rice then and pour it in these animal waste bags and then I take three balloons of the same color and cut off the extra part and wrap it over I form it into a ball shape,” says Judah explaining how he makes his juggling balls.

The balls are included in his juggling kits that he makes and sells…

“I sell them at the end of my dad’s magic shows,” says Judah.

Also included is an instructional how to video, which breaks down Judah’s technique on how to juggle.

“It’s not them same as the traditional way to teach and he kind of goes through an easy three step system that really helps kids learn pretty well,” says Judah’s dad, Mike.

A magician himself, Judah’s dad Mike see’s the benefits of juggling for his son…

“It’s giving him a lot of self esteem and he tends to be a shy kid, but when he gets on stage and he lights up and he loves to talk about some of the talents that god’s given him and all of the things that he can do,” says Judah’s dad, Mike.

He’s also a licensed therapist, so just like juggling things in our own lives — it can help people in many ways.

“It is definitely a stress reliever a big thing in the world today they call it mindfulness where its blocking out the hurt and trauma of the past and its giving the worries of the future away when you’re juggling you cant be angry about the past or worried about the future you know when you’re juggling it takes all of your focus and it brings you into the present moment and gives you that relief from stress, anxiety, trauma,” says Judah’s dad, Mike.