Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner sits down with local author Harley Lee James to chat about her new book “The Lineman’s Game.” This book is intended for readers 18 years old and up.

Here is the description of the novel:

“Sierra Summers’ hard work, dedication, and motivation have enabled her to be a triumphant CEO. Young, independent, and successful, she is content with her lifestyle and choices. Until her life is spun into chaos after meeting a charming yet mysterious southern man.

On a hot summer day, Sierra encounters a figure like none she has met before — a southern lineman named Lee Smith. Sierra is quickly won over by Lee’s southern charm and pure personality. Things take a serious turn when her business is threatened due to her flourishing romance with Lee.

After leaving the state for work, she gets some unexpected news that drives her motivation toward her business in the opposite direction. Will she risk it all for Lee? Will Sierra be able to handle her business and Lee’s secrets underneath his charm?”