STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — One State College woman is paving her way into the small business sector selling her custom designed, handmade macrame earrings. Prachi Singh studied material engineering at Penn State, but decided to follow her passion for creating, and made her hobby, her livelihood. Now she sells her creations online and at local festivals and pop-up events.

If you aren’t familiar with macrame, it’s basically a series of knots that are being tied together. Traditionally, macrame art hangings are large, and used to decorate your living space. Prachi found a way to create a smaller version of the art form on a gold hoop to be worn as jewelry.

Prachi’s pieces are colorful and all intricately woven to represent a specific pattern and style. She says she’s created around 7 different styles of earrings that are really pieces of miniature art displayed on your ears. “They’re statement pieces,” says Prachi.

You can learn more about Prachi’s Bohemian Art by clicking here.