DUBOIS, Pa. (WTAJ) — You may have recognized him on TikTok or on Instagram, but it turns out, plastic surgeon Dr. Algie Labrasca practices right here in the central PA area.

“I’ve been a plastic surgeon in the area for about 12 years,” says Labrasca. “But I grew up in DuBois.”

Algie Labrasca specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. “I do all kinds of fun stuff, I do lots of tummy tucks and lots of surgery up top I do a lot of eyelids and faces and noses I just have a blast.”

And if you’ve seen him on TikTok, you know that he and his staff have a lot of fun in the office as well. “I take my job very seriously but I don’t take myself very seriously,” says Labrasca. And while many of his viral videos are funny, he likes to cover other topics in videos that are more informational too.

“I think people should talk about the cost of the procedures, there’s no reason to hide,” says Labrasca. He says he has no problem having an open discussion publicly about pricing and the realities that come with having these procedures.

In the year 2022 people are more receptive now more than ever when it comes to the term self care. And while the term “plastic surgery” might still be a little taboo, Labrasca says you shouldn’t feel ashamed. “It’s ok to want to look good, to want to feel good .”

Dr. Labrasca understands that in a sense he’s changing lives and making some dreams become a reality for some women. “Especially moms who have had 2, 3, 4 kids, and stuff hangs where it didn’t use to hang and they get bummed about it,” says Labrasca.

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Dr. Labrasca practices in Dubois, Brookville, Altoona and Seneca. To learn more about Dr. Labrasca and the procedures he offers, call his practice at (814) 849-6591 or visit his website here.