DUNLO, Pa. (WTAJ) — In the town of Dunlo Pennsylvania — there’s a single mother of five working hard to support her kids. Not only that, she’s giving back to a great mission — and it all started with pretzels.

“About 12 years ago we were adopting our son, Marcus and we were looking for a way to provide the money for that and so I told my girls, I had 4 girls at the time and I said, be praying about how god wants to provide money for our baby. My oldest daughter Sarah said, ‘mom we’re gonna go door to door selling chocolate covered peanut butter and caramel pretzels,’ says mom and owner of Sarah’s Gourmet Pretzels, Heidi Lushko.

“We went out on that endeavor one afternoon and sold out very quickly — and then we were in 32 stores and…Raised all of the money to adopt Marcus so for years people affectionately called him the ‘chocolate-covered pretzel baby.”

Now, years later — Heidi and her kids have made this adventure an actual business — called, “Sarah’s Gourmet Pretzels.” They have about 7 staple flavors — and every month they feature a new one.

You can find Sarah’s Gourmet Pretzels in a variety of places in Cambria, Blair, Bedford, and Somerset counties.

“My philosophy is to keep the pretzels chunky they need to be nice and full with lots of toppings and big. We don’t use machines. It’s all done by hand and we have high-quality control standards,” says Lushko.

What started as a basic concept on their kitchen table has turned into an official pretzel production facility that was once a two-car garage — Heidi has grown this business with the help of her kids.

“That’s been fun and challenging and frustrating and everything all in one so they’re a blessing and they give me grace when I get stressed. We’ll sit down sometimes and have family meetings and reevaluate and say ok what are we doing good and what can we do better? So we can balance the pretzel business with family life,” says Lushko.

It all goes back to Heidi’s mission of wanting to give back.

“I just have a burden on my heart to help people who don’t have a voice and children are some of the people who don’t have a voice at all,” says Lushko.

She’s partnered with an organization called Refuge Texas.

“They’re partnering with us to abolish child trafficking in America. What sets them apart is they understand that children going through this often need years of therapy they provide a home setting with to give them a safe place to heal,” says Lushko.

It not only helps Heidi care for her kids as a single mom — but it fueled a newfound passion — a way to be part of a much bigger purpose.

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