HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Christmas is right around the corner, and if you like supporting local, small businesses – this is a great place to start. Allison Lorelli owns Mountain Kids Toys, a sustainable, local toy shop that sells high-quality, eco-friendly toys online and at vendor markets in the area. Here are some of her picks for toys for every age.

When it comes to baby, she says, “keep it basic. At this point, babies are chewing, looking, rolling, and stacking. You want to look for simple cause and effect toys,” says Lorelli.

For toddlers, Allison says, they want to be like you! “Look for pretend play and simple puzzles and sorting,” says Lorelli.

If you’re shopping for kids that are the pre-school age, Allison recommends toys that promote pretend play. “You don’t have to worry as much about choking at this point. They can now play with miniatures and enjoy simple educational topics like numbers/letters. They can also handle more complex puzzles and balancing stackers,” says Lorelli.

And if you have older kids, you can grab items that encourage their expressed interests. “You want to support problem solving and focus,” says Lorelli. “One great toy that everyone loves is the Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. There are so many different kinds.” The putty is a trendy item that even adults like playing with. Some have different textures, and some change colors with the warmth of your hands.

To learn more about Mountain Kids Toys, visit mountainkidstoys.com. You can also find the Mountain Kids Toys section at the Diamond Marketplace, at 301 Allegheny Street Hollidaysburg and Founder’s Crossing, 100 S Juliana Street in Bedford.