JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Johnstown man is making it his mission to advocate for the ‘overlooked’ species that can be found in our very own backyards. AAron Capouellez has a passion for frogs and carnivorous plants. AAron has started a non-profit organization called PA Woods and Forests. The organization works to inspire people to care about restoring habitats for these critters that call nature their home.

AAron brought his frog friend Meredith along with him. Meredith is a grey tree frog who loves munching down on grubs as a snack. AAron hosts frog walks and nature hikes, so that people can learn about these animals and why they’re so beneficial for our ecosystem.

AAron also brought a Giant American millipede to the show. Millipede provide a lot of great things for an ecosystem as well. You might see some along a bike trail or while you’re on a hike. AAron also hosts millipede roundups to try to protect these little guys as well.

A pitcher plant is a carnivorous plant that is native to Pennsylvania. The plants can trap —the plant has a deep cavity filled with digestive liquid.

To learn more about PA Woods & Forests visit their website and Instagram, or check out their YouTube channel for more content.