Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner sits down with Megan, owner and professional dog trainer at Marigold Holistic Pet Care to talk all about her Puppy Play sessions and Pack Walks.

These are amazing opportunities to meet fellow dog-owners and tap into Megan’s knowledge. She has been professionally training for over 12 years.

Properly socializing your puppy is one of the most important aspects of their growth and development. Ensuring puppies perceive interactions positively and safely are commonly missed when owners attempt to provide them with exposure and interaction with the world.

During Marigold Holistic Pet Care’s puppy play hours, you will receive various benefits for both you and your pup. Megan will be available for basic questions, show you things to look for, as well as access to her adult dog Cash who is an incredible canine communicator and well known for his ability to safely teach puppies boundaries and inhibition.

You are free to come and go for the duration of the available time or stay. This is for puppies who are fully vaccinated and 7 months and younger. Puppy Play sessions are $20 per dog.

Megan also hosts free Pack Walks! She says “dogs typically don’t receive the amount of enrichment they need to stay happy and well behaved. Also, some dogs just need a little help with gradual exposure to feel different about the world around them.”

Join Marigold Holistic Pet Care with your dog for an hour-long walk with other dogs and their owners while she is there to help you have a successful time.