HARRISBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Spring is officially here! That means it’s probably time for a little spring cleaning. Shanna Shultz, a dietician with Giant/Martins Foods stops by to help us refresh some of our staple food items that we have in our pantry.

Shanna says there are many benefits to having a stocked pantry, but that’s no secret! Not only will you have the basic ingredients that it takes to make just about anything, but these items are extremely versatile, so if you run out of ideas, just go back to the basics.

Shanna recommends having a variety of staple food items on hand like oils, grains, and proteins.

Starting with oils, it’s pretty crucial to have some of these basics whether you’re cooking, baking or grilling. And different oils have different purposes, so having a few on hand is always helpful.

Shanna recommends swapping out canola oil in place of vegetable, just because it’s a healthier swap, and canola doesn’t have a strong taste. Canola is a great oil to use when you’re baking.

Giant/Martins also has a selection of oils sprays to use while you’re grilling which is super helpful as you start up the grill again this season. The spray ensures that nothing sticks and makes for easy clean-up.

Olive oil is a wonderful oil for cooking, and sautéing. Shanna also found a delicious way to use it in her Olive Oil Cake with Basil Marinated Strawberries. The cake is moist and flavorful with the hints of basil, lemon zest and fresh blueberries.

Another great item to have on hand is the Giant/Martins Foods: Pizza Crust Mix. You will have an easy and delicious pizza crust on hand in no time. This way you can make and create any flavor profile of pizza that your heart desires. Whether you try a classic cheese and pepperoni, or get a little adventurous with some pesto hummus and watermelon radishes. It sure is colorful!

Shanna says oats are also an excellent staple item to have on hand because they’re so versatile. Shanna made some tasty Lemon Oatmeal Cookies with some of the oats.

Proteins are a great item to have on hand when you’re putting together a meal. Beans are a great way to add in some protein to your diet. One of the great lines that Giant/Martins Foods has is their Taste of Inspirations line, which incorporates different flavor profiles from all around the world. This way you can create different types of cuisine from home.

Canned Salmon or tuna is another great source of protein. Shanna shows Morgan how to make an easy Blueberry Dill Salmon Salad by combining canned salmon, celery, dill, lemon juice, and mayo in a bowl. It’s a tasty, refreshing treat, and it comes together easily.

One of the many things that has changed in today’s day and age is the PB&J. There are so many different nut butters on the market to choose from. You can really upgrade and elevate your sandwich to give you so many more flavor and texture profiles. Shanna recommends trying Sunflower Seed butter. She says it’s one of her favorite nuts butters after peanut butter.

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