Rural Broadband Cooperative is a rural internet solution that provides coverage “in and around Mill Creek Hollow, Stone Creek Ridge, Snyders Run, Piney Ridge, McAlevy’s Fort, and Shirleysburg areas.”

Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner sits down with Mount Union Lumber & Supply’s Dwight Rittenhouse to hear how this co-op is changing the way people in rural areas access to the internet — including faster internet speeds and more. Use this interactive map to see if RBC is the right choice for you!

Rural Broadband Cooperative (RBC) is a non-profit cooperative comprised of dedicated residents of the area, who are working to provide an alternative, reliable and affordable “fixed wireless” broadband internet service for our rural areas.

According to Rittenhouse, Sunoco and Buckeye Corporations donated a new tower to the Rural Broadband Cooperative, which will allow even more people in the coverage area to have access to faster, less-expensive internet service.

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Have questions? Give RBC a call at 814-644-7754 today.