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MOUNT UNION, Pa. (WTAJ) — Dwight Rittenhouse of Mount Union Lumber Supply stopped by to talk about epoxy, chips, and flooring of all kinds that look great and won’t break the bank.

Mount Union Lumber Supply can provide the service if you’re looking to do a renovation. They can also supply you with the tools and instructions to do it yourself.

Dwight has two main options that he recommends. The first type of epoxy floor is made out of vinyl paint chips. “It’s hard to destroy. We put down epoxy which is the world’s best glue. Once we lay the paint chips down, we put several coats of epoxy to get a smooth finish,” says Rittenhouse. “It’s great for your porch, garage, interior, rec rooms, and things like that.”

Dwight says people can also redo their countertops with the vinyl paint chips and get a similar look to granite.

The other option to consider is a metallic floor. Dwight carries more than 17 color options which can be mixed to create a marbled look.

“We mix the metallic with a clear epoxy,” says Rittenhouse. “It gets that super super shine to it. It’s similar to the metallic color that you have on your car.”