Sponsored Content by Highmark Wholecare

Highmark Wholecare takes into account the whole person. They are introducing “a new kind of care — wholecare — that helps people achieve not just physical health, but whole life health.”

Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner sits down with Dr. Joe Stankaitis, Chief Medical Officer of Highmark Wholecare to hear about their work with local non-profits and community organizations.

Through generous donations, Highmark Wholcare hopes to “help create resilient communities by improving the lives of the people living there.” Beyond general assistance, non-profits and community-based organizations are a critical component of our healthcare ecosystem, particularly for less fortunate and vulnerable members of the community.

Local non-profits like the Food Bank of Central Pennsylvania need both monetary and time donations. Consider volunteering and giving your time in the community this holiday season!

Highmark Wholecare believes that “to truly care for a person’s health, there needs to be a different kind of healthcare.” They cover Blair, Cambria, Bedford, Somerset, Huntingdon, Fulton, and Clearfield counties right here in the 814.