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MOUNT UNION, Pa. (WTAJ) — Bricktown Kickn’ Chicken serves up fresh, never frozen chicken that is breaded in Bricktown Kickn’ Chicken’s special blend of seasonings. Owner Dwight Rittenhouse stopped by Studio 814 to share some of their delicious chicken pies and homemade sweet potato pie.

You can keep the chicken pies in the freezer for any quick dinner. Apply egg wash to the top of the pie before baking and voila! — a yummy meal for the whole family. There are also individual, single-person pies available.

Let Bricktown Kickn’ Chicken provide pies for your next fundraiser. They can do your favorite filling as well! Choose from cherry, apple, or blueberry. 

6” meat pies for $8

9” meat pies for $12

$1.00 off until Dec 31st 

5 little meat pies for $30.00

5 large meat pies for$ 50.00

If you are part of a charity or organization that would like to sell Bricktown Kickn’ Chicken’s chicken pies for a fundraiser, call 814-644-5384 or click here.