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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Timberland Federal Credit Union is celebrating 50 years of making banking all about the people by giving back to the community.

Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner sits down with Joel Slagan, the President and CEO of Timberland Federal Credit Union, and Assistant VP of Compliance & Communications Jay Edmiston to hear what sets Timberland FCU apart from a big box bank.

Why choose a credit union over a regular bank?

Edmiston stresses that the goal of Timberland is to focus on helping the people in the community.

Additionally, Timberland’s board of directors is made up of local volunteers that are voted on annually.

Because federal credit unions are tax-exempt, Timberland is also able to get you higher rates on deposits and lower rates on loans.

The credit union is able to offer checking accounts that earn 2% and savings accounts that earn 1% — benefits you won’t find at traditional banks.

Do I qualify to become a member of the Timberland FCU?

Over 200,000 Pa. residents qualify to be a member of Timberland — and you might be one of them.

The credit union has offices located in Dubois, Clearfield, Phillipsburg, and Pleasant Gap to serve all of its members.

Interested Centre, Clearfield, and Jefferson County residents can submit an application to become a member on Timberland’s website today.

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