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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — What’s in your water? Do you know the difference between your traditional tap water versus water that’s gone through a purification system. The experts at Martin Water Conditioning showed us the difference -it’s all in the tea. Water specialist, Kelly Woy made some sun tea (orange pekoe) using regular tap water, and water that’s gone through the purification systems at Martin’s, and the results are alarming.

Kelly says hard water can truly cause a lot of ware and tear on your appliances over time. Because there are so many minerals and deposits in traditional tap water, it calcifies and builds up over time, making it harder on your pipes, plumbing, hair, and clothes.

With the sun tea we can see a clear difference. The tea that was made with traditional tap water is a lot darker, and has a sudsy-like film on the top. And because there are so many additives and minerals in the water, you’re more likely to add more sugar to try to mask that bitterness, when really the tea SHOULD be that bright orange color that you see in comparison.

For more information on having your water tested, give Martin Water Conditioning a call at (814) 943-6482 or visit their website here. You can also visit them in store at 433 Sabbath Rest Rd in Altoona to see the variety of appliances and systems that can be applied in your home to purify your water. They offer a free consultation, so there’s no harm in having your water tested and learning about the variety of treatment offers.