ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — It doesn’t matter what size, or breed you have — most people love caring for their pet! “The best reason to have a pet is to spoil them,” says Michael Mastalski Owner/Founder of Just Jaks Pet Market.

In many cases – our pets are considered to be members of our family…

“For most people they’re a family member they’re not just a pet he’s like a child to me I know so many people that — are children or are grandchildren and we have people that shop for them like family members as well,” says Mastalski.

So maybe you’re looking to throw a party for your pet…

“We have a bakery case, you can order your cake, you can pick up things to go, we have freezer cases with products they have a shelf life of nine months actually and you can actually shop the shelves for box treats, bag treats and we have everything you need to have a little birthday party everything you need to have you know a celebration and we seasonally feature products for the holidays,” says Mastalski

Or find the right food for them…

“We have wet, dry and then we have freeze dried or you can use as a dry option,”

When you stop by just jaks pet market — you might not know where to start.

“Check us out there’s so much to look at its overwhelming you can definitely spend quite an amount of time in here but it takes multiple visits to eat and figure out and see people don’t expect it to be as big as it is,” says Mastalski

They even have a barkey — yeah, a bakery dedicated to treats for your dog.

“A lot of our bakery case products we make we also use manufactured products as well but our feature is that we focus on vegan, gluten free items that you could eat and are just 100% healthy because we wouldn’t sell it if we wouldn’t eat it. Our cupcakes are definitely a number one seller and our bones in a boat because there’s actually a variety of fillings from pumpkin to peanut butter that would appeal to them and maybe not to us. We have two key sides, one side is a traditional food market, as you would go grocery shopping, and then the other side is a bakery or as we say, ‘barkery’, and you can get treats, custom made, homemade and we carry manufacturer purchased products as well,”

And a full selection of items to keep your pets safe, and fashionable.

“We carry wardrobe products seasonally coats, jackets sweaters, dress, coats, boots, hats,” says Mastalski.

Owner Michael Mastalski says shopping locally is the best way to go.

“If you’re going to live local, and be local, you’ve got to shop local. we can tell you much more and provide much more support locally. Ultimately we want to make sure you’re making the best choice and decisions that you can do for your pet,” says Mastalski.