ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Remember some of those classic candies that you always loved growing up? Or maybe you’ve seen some crazy candy trends on social media that you can’t wait to get your hands on. Blair Candy Company has a wide variety of candies, snacks, and novelty treats for everyone.

Michael Dandrea, director of sales for Blair Candy Company stopped by the show to show us some of the selection that they have in store, and give Morgan a test test with some of their more unique items.

Mike and his kids make TikToks and content on social media where they showcase some of the products that they have coming through the store.

The store has a selection of retro candies, like Necco Wafers, Sky Bars, and more! They also have your classic candies like Reese’s, Snickers, and M&M’s. If you’re a fan of fun gummy candy, they have that too, including a 5lbs. 20,000 gummi bear. One of the newer products that they carry are freeze-dried candies. They will take a candy like Skittles or Starburst and freeze dry them – it creates an interesting crunchy texture. If you like sour candy, they have a large selection of items to chose from that will make you pucker. And if you’re adventurous, or you really want to pull a prank on someone, they have ‘gross’ candy. Yeah, they’re not your everyday flavors – we’re talking pickle, bacon, pizza, and fried chicken…in candy form.

Blair Candy Company is located at 3421 Beale Ave in Altoona. You can reach them at (814) 944-3581 or by clicking here.