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Hearing loss is a health care issue. Treatment of your hearing health can impact your overall well-being! Schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation with the specialists at Lemme Audiology Associates to identify how you hear, how your brain processes sound, the type and degree of hearing loss you may have, and the appropriate treatment for your hearing loss.

It is important that hearing devices are adjusted to your individual hearing loss in order to provide you with the best hearing possible! Dr. Karen Lemme talks about the new Phonak Audeo Fit device that is perfect for someone with an active lifestyle. It even monitors your overall fitness health!

The Phonak Audeo Fit has built-in sensors that not only provide improved speech clarity, but also combines a fitness tracker to monitor your steps, heart rate, activity level, and distance of running or walking. It is water-resistant, and perfect for someone who is sweating, athletic, or maybe even has a very active job or lifestyle.

These devices also provide the most universal connectivity to both Android and Apple devices of any hearing aid on the market.

If you schedule a hearing evaluation by August 15th Lemme Audiology is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee to allow you to try Phonak Fit today!